Pakastehuone Polair

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POLAIR freezer room- used in grocery stores, restaurants, cafes, bars for storing FROZEN food products that require special temperature conditions.
The scope of delivery includes floor and ceiling panels, wall panels, door block and unit.
Temperature range: 0 … +10 ⁰С
Ambient temperature: '+5…+40°С
Floor: stainless steel
Door: swing doors 2000х800
Refrigerant: R452А

  • Lämpötila-alue
  • Eristepaksuus
  • Ovi
  • Lattia
  • Ympäristön lämpötila
  • Pituus
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  • Korkeus
  • Koneikko
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The advantage is the simplicity and speed of assembly, on average, the time spent on the installation of the room is 3 hours. The room door, also included in the delivery set, is equipped with hinges that can be hung on both the right and left sides, thus you yourself can choose in which direction the door will open, depending on the characteristics of the room and other unique indicators.


Information about assembly

The assembly can be divided in to several stages, performed in strict order:

  • first you need to make a flat floor, assemble and lay the floor panels

  • assemble one wall panel and plastic corner, install in the floor panel

  • put the second panel with the second corner and attach them to the one that was assembled at the beginning

  • then install the rest of the wall panels and corners in series, connecting them together and joining the floor

  • the last step will be the installation of the door block and the laying of the ceiling panels.

Here we have described the key points of installation, for more detailed instructions, please see the manufacturer's passport, which is supplied with the room.

You can also order assembly work from us. To do this, contact us using the feedback form or add this service to your cart via the online store.

Information about delivery

Delivery cost is determined automatically at the stage of filling in the customer information. To do this, go to your shopping cart and continue to place your order.

If the product is in stock then delivery within 2-3 days. Otherwise, the production time will be from 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the workload of the plant.

Design features

Tongue-groove panel connection.

Panels with plastic coated hot-dip galvanized steel sheathing.

All rooms in this line are equipped with hinged universal doors.

Panel thickness 100 mm.

Specifications for Pakastehuone Polair

Lämpötila-alue -15...-23 С
Eristepaksuus 100 мм
Ovi saranaovet 2000х800 mm
Lattia ruostumattomasta teräksestä
Ympäristön lämpötila +5...+40 С
Pituus 1400 mm tai 1700 mm tai 2000 mm tai 2300 mm tai 2600 mm
Syvyys 1400 мм tai 1700 мм tai 2000 мм tai 2300 мм tai 2600 мм
Korkeus 2240 мм
Koneikko Kattoasenteinen tai Seinäasenteinen